Stabilizing the Coordinate System of Life

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On March 19, the company held a refreshing communication meeting with the theme of establishing a correct outlook on life, values and career. Representatives of young employees from all departments of Hualan NPM were invited to attend the meeting, which was personally presided over by Mr. Hua Guoping, the founder of the company.

For young employees, emphasizing "earnest personhood and working hard"

In business operation, the most important thing is to make efforts second to none. "Thought determines action". Hualan People should do their career with love and behave with a grateful heart. At any place and at any time, we should establish the idea of "working for all people". Mr. Hua Guoping, the enterprise founder shared the extended meaning of baby's hand holding posture at birth and emphasized the need to struggle from an early age. Yes, everyone is born with the same ignorance and as the same member of all living creatures, but later they have different prospects and different destinies. Why? Throughout the growth track of ancient and modern elites, it is not difficult for us to find out: which of them didn't come to the fore only after being tempered? From this, we can interpret a concept —— we must struggle hard for being a man and must be diligent in doing things!

On Lifelong Learning

Just as a bird flutters its wings before it flies high, Hualan People who want to make progress shall study first. Hulan People should not have the idea of living off our past gains and we don't have much to live off; I hope that all of you can establish the idea of lifelong learning and make great efforts for good governance. We should consciously strengthen learning, constantly master new knowledge, accumulate new experience to increase new capability and create new achievements. In the process of daily work, we should keep thinking freely, have the courage to meet challenges, constantly break our ability boundaries and give birth to wonderful ideas in different patterns. We, Hualan NPM are in a promising new era. Only by remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind as well as brave in taking responsibility & action and good at overcoming difficulties can we seize opportunities, meet challenges, gain initiative and win the future!

On Setting an Example

The management layer of Hualan NPM should set an example, influence employees with their own actions, guide and care for employees. As the old saying goes, water does not jump without torrent and people will not rise up until they are inspired, we should let employees have firm belief on the road of continuous struggle, make them give advice to leaders consciously in the ordinary positions and keep in mind the overall situation. Those who are united go the same way, and the team soul is very critical for a good team. Therefore, whether he/she is a workshop foreman or the department head, every key manager should take the lead. I hope that every employee can feel happy and satisfied because of working in Hualan NPM!

On Talent Cultivation in the Enterprise

With the development of the times, we have entered the era of "mutual selection between enterprises and talents" from the selection of talents by enterprises in the past. If an enterprise wants sustainable development, it cannot do without talent support. In the communication meeting, the founder of the enterprise, Mr. Hua Guoping, repeatedly expressed his desire for talents. Hualan NPM will focus on the ability training of each employee, market-oriented and cultivate compound talents with market insights in order to adapt to the ever-changing needs of customers. And meanwhile, Hualan NPM has begun to build a scientific talent cultivation and development system, plan learning contents according to business processes & needs, pay close attention to key posts & key skills, create a good learning & innovation atmosphere, organically integrate training & development with business activities, and combine the development of young employees with career management, which will surely give a better answer to the problems of talent "use" and "cultivation"!

On Our Values

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc.has already said: "marketing is about values." All excellent brands carry the beautiful feelings of mankind and constantly convey the correct outlook on life and values to the users, which is the original intention of Mr. Hua Guoping, the founder of the enterprise to hold this symposium. The values of Hualan NPM are integrity-based, win-win cooperation, innovation and excellence. This is not only the foundation of Hualan's long-term survival, but also the social responsibility that Hualan must assume.

No Struggle, No Youth

It is hoped that all young employees of Hualan NPM will integrate into the development & expectations of Hualan through the understanding, recognition and perception of this communication meeting, struggle with youth and serve the enterprise, work together to the future and realize their life value!

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