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Jiangsu Hualan New Pharmaceutical Material Co., Ltd.

established in 1992. After decades of unremitting efforts, has developed into a national high-tech enterprise with advanced technologies and substantial product variety, specializing in R & D, manufacturing and sales of primary packaging materials for a wide range of injectable medications. Hualan is the first pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturer in China to obtain the production registration certificate of pharma grade coated rubber stopper.The company's main products are laminated stoppers, normal stoppers, primary elastomer components for PFS and cartridges used for high, high-end injections in the world and China.
After 5 years of unremitting research and technical tackling,the general assembly of sealing elastomer for injection has been successfully developed, replacing the traditional inner packaging method which requires separate flip off caps and rubber stoppers. It is suitable for all kinds of injections (except final sterilized injections) such as powder injections, water injections, lyophilization, biological preparations, and biological vaccines.

After 5 years of continuous research and technical breakthrough, the new self-destructive sealing components for injection have been successfully developed to replace the traditional internal packaging materials for hundreds of years (including aluminum-plastic caps and lyo stoppers), which is more suitable for various injections which sterilized before packaging such as powder injection, water injection, freeze-dried preparation, biological preparation and biological vaccine.

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